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4 Delicious Food Gift Ideas That Are Perfect For Her This Valentines Day

The gift of food is always an easy way to win a woman’s, heart. So, if you’re looking to treat that special someone this Valentine’s Day, here are a few food gifts to consider:

Homemade Sweet Treats

The first idea on this list is to make your partner some homemade sweet treats. Why? Because women love anything with high sugar content. Seriously, I’ve seen women struggle to eat a small meal and then wolf down a box of chocolates and three tiramisus in under five minutes. They just love sweet treats, particularly if they’re homemade. There are many treats you can bake at home in under a couple of hours for your partner. If you’ve never baked before that, I recommend trying two things. First, pick one of the easiest things you can think of, like cookies or brownies. Second, head over to YouTube and watch instructional cooking videos so you can’t possibly go wrong. Even though things like cookies and brownies are easy to make, they still go down an absolute treat with your missus. I’ve never seen anyone react negatively to a freshly baked box of either of these treats. If you’re feeling adventurous then why not consider something more technical like a cake or a box of flavored fudge? No matter what you make, you’ll earn serious bonus points if it’s in a heart shape! On a serious note, this is a great gift idea, especially if you wrap your treats up in homemade packaging too. It shows you’ve gone the extra mile and made her something you know she’ll enjoy. If you’re not keen on putting your baking skills to the test and would prefer to buy something. I’d suggest checking out Sweet Disorder, they have a large selection of sweet gifts perfect for your valentine.

Three Course Meal

If you want to take things up a level, why not put your cooking talents to the test and make your loved one a three-course meal? For men with limited cooking abilities, this is the ultimate test of mental strength. Can you make an entire three-course meal without under or overcooking something? Even if things don’t turn out perfect, I’m sure your partner will appreciate the effort. Start things off by racking your brains and remembering her favorite foods. You could also think back to the first meal she had on a date with you and try to recreate it from scratch. It’s a gift that requires lots of preparation, and you may want to have a few practice runs in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. By the time your partner comes around on February 14th, you’ll be ready to surprise her with a homemade three-course meal that’s worthy of winning Masterchef. She’ll absolutely love the thought and all the effort you put into it just for her.

Food Hampers


Hampers are always a great gift idea, particularly if you’re struggling to narrow your choice down to one or two things. They provide that special someone with loads of treats, and they also look spectacular, making you seem like the perfect partner. There are plenty of sites like Under Fine Wraps that provide food hampers to give to your wife/girlfriend this Valentine’s Day. The best advice is to not skimp on the costs. Get her something that makes a real statement and will last her a long time. If you’re an awful cook, then this is a great idea to provide her with a food gift she’ll enjoy. Just make sure you check what’s inside your hamper and if your partner is allergic to any foods. The last thing you want is to rush her to the emergency room! If you’re struggling to figure out what type of food hamper you should get her, then the safest option is always chocolate. Remember lads, if in doubt, get her something chocolate-related.

Fancy Restaurant

Some people think that going out to a restaurant is a bit cliche on Valentine’s Day. To be honest, they’re kind of right, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a great food-related gift idea. The trick is making sure you go somewhere that neither of you has been before. Oh, and it has to be fancy too. I’m talking the type of fancy where they kick you out if you’re underdressed. The type of fancy where the waiter has to translate half the items on the menu for you. Take her out to the best restaurant near you and treat her to the best meal she’s ever had. Every girl likes having to get dressed up and feeling fancy at a restaurant. It’s a classic gift, but one with proven results.