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2018’s Best New Gadgets

Drone Flying

There’s a device for everything these days: things you didn’t even know needed the help of technology. Well, prepare for your mind to be blown after reading this article on the Best New Gadgets – you’ll discover that things like fishing and your house keys really could benefit from some shiny new tech.

We’ve rounded up the best gadgets released this year that will make perfect birthday presents and Christmas gifts when the time comes around; or just a nice treat for yourself.

Peruse this list to get some digital ideas for your loved ones’ gifts this year – there’s sure to be something here for everyone. 

  1. Parrot Mambo Drone

This nifty mini camera drone was recently released by French company Parrot, who have carved their own niche for tiny, fun-to-fly gadgets in the growing drone market. This model features a number of modes, HD video streaming, and fast charging. It’s the perfect first drone for kids, photographers, and flying novices.

  1. Fish Finders

Do you ever return home disappointed and empty-handed after a long day’s fishing by the lake with zero bites? Now there’s a way to avoid fruitless trips to the river with a sonar and GPS fish finder! They’re portable gadgets that look like satnavs which detect nearby fish to help you make the catch. Browse these fish finder reviews on villagefishmongernyc.com to purchase the best fish finders from the likes of Garmin and Lowrance.

  1. Eye-Care Computer Monitor

Update your office with a BenQ computer monitor designed to take it easy on your eyes. If you work at a computer, you’ll know the strain this puts on your eyes, even with f.lux software that reduces harmful blue light that emanates from digital screens. BenQ have decided to banish this for good with their EW277HDR Eye Care Monitor which features extra-high contrast and several different modes of low-blue light to choose from. Give your eyeballs a well-deserved break with a brand new BenQ screen.

  1. Leak-Proof Water Bottle

Ever got to the gym to find your workout clothes and towel completely sodden from your non-leak-proof water bottle? Let those days be a thing of the past by investing in a space-age water bottle, designed with a fancy locking system that won’t spill a drop unless you tell it to. Get yours from Ion8 in a choice of 15 colors. It’s also made from BPA-free, non-toxic plastic – bonus!

  1. Keyport Pivot

This cool device is actually really useful and will be a godsend for many of us who regularly lose our keys. (Hands up, who’s guilty?) It’s a gadget that looks a bit like a penknife and is the same size as one, which you can attach all your keys to and fold them away in a neat little pack rather than have them jangling around on a huge unwieldy keyring all the time. The Keyport Pivot keeps your keys, a USB stick, a pen, a torch, and various other attachments you can choose to add all in a cute pocket-sized device. The best part is the Bluetooth tracker you can enable and easily locate should you ever lose your keys in the club again. Get one for your most forgetful friend!

  1. Tube Audio Speaker

This insanely suave tube-shaped copper-colored speaker is by LEFF Amsterdam and is quite affordable for a powerful speaker at $119.00. It will look amazing on your bedside table or bookshelf and comes with a matching alarm clock for those who value consistency in their gadgets. Get yours from sportique.com. 

In case you are not a fan of tube speakers and just want to find out about some different kinds types of speakers, there are many types that can fit your needs or aesthetic design preferences.

  1. ‘The Wall’ TV

As most of our gadgets get smaller, televisions just get bigger and bigger: and now Samsung’s released a TV to rival your local cinema. The new 146-inch ‘The Wall’ screen is aptly named because it will take up an entire wall in your home. Hope you’ve got a big living room to pull your couches back from it, or you’ll end up with square eyes…