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2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

2018 Valentines Gift Guide

The Aspiring Gentleman’s 2018 Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Her.

Every gentleman should be thinking of that special person in his life. We wanted to make it much easier to find that special gift that will more than impress that special someone in your life. Plenty of products were received, tried and tested, and ultimately were given away in my first come first serve text messaging and Whatsapp friends and family group. The stuff you see here made the cut and are gifts we kept for the Aspiring Gentleman team.

Say I Love You to the Green Thumb in Your Life

Surprise the love of your life with this unique gift that she will never see coming. Yoko Ono designed this uplifting and magical bean plant that when watered, in 5 – 7 days she will know that you were thinking of her first. I am willing to bet that your woman will be the only person she knows with Grow Love With Me and she will make sure everyone knows just how great you are and how lucky she is to have you.

Grow Love With Me

 Say I love You Forever with The Love Picker Gold Rose

Love Picker grows natural red roses, picks them at the peak of their beauty, and then dips them in certified 24k gold. Every Love Picker product is designed to last forever. You can even get the box engraved with her name or a nice message expressing your love. This is an absolute must-have!Love Picker Gold Rose

2 Delicious Chocolates You Probably Have not Heard of

I recently found 2 dark chocolates that are probably the most delicious dark chocolate I have ever had. I particularly like my chocolate frozen and since the ones that I got are in little single serve packets in the box, it is perfect for the wife and I. The first one is the ReChoc Resveratrol Dark Chocolate which as the name implies is packed with resveratrol, which has awesome antioxidant properties. The second one is the Esthechoc Cambridge Beauty Chocolate, which also packs great antioxidant properties. Your woman is going to love the thought you put into buying her Valentine’s Day chocolates this year.

ReChoc Resveratrol Dark Chocolate

For the Valentines season, you can even get 10% off through Amazon for either of these great chocolates, just click here for Rechocor here for Esthechoc and enter ASPIRE10 when you go to purchase.

estechoc cambridge beauty chocolate

A Notebook or Journal She Will Absolutely Love

So I recently got a Bull and Stash real leather bound notebook that I was going to use for my journalling or just some general note taking during my work day, but when my wife saw it, she had to steal from me. I was very surprised how much she was interested in it and she even mentioned a couple days later how much she loved the new notebook. Since she loved it so much, I decided it would be a great addition to this list. Guys, she will love this.Bull and Stash Leather Notebook

Something For the Mothers!

Being a mother is a super tough job and every Mommy needs a little break. Why not get he something that says Hey, why don’t you take some time off to relax and enjoy yourself? That is what Mommy’s Time Out wine is all about, not to mention it is delicious. I had the Pinot Grigio, which is made from some of the finest grapes in Italy, and I am sure the other ones are just as tasty!Mommy's Time Out Wine

A Personal Gift or Fancy Looking Art?

Framers Pointe, a new online destination for framing needs and superior craftsmanship at competitive prices, has the #1 gift topping 81 percent of Americans’ wish list this holiday season – customized frames from a loved one that showcases the special moments in their life. Framers Pointe makes it easier than ever to create a custom frame online in three simple steps and at an affordable price. Everything starts at $39 and nearly the entire inventory falls under $180 – plus satisfaction guaranteed (if you don’t love it, they will replace it!). Show the woman in your life how much you care about them with a personalized gift that will last a lifetime. Framers Pointe

It is Never a Bad Idea to get Something with Utility

I recently received the Hex and Aaron Del la Cruz Quilted Backpack and surprisingly my wife actually loved it. This is something that you can get for her and if you need a bag in a pinch, you can always just steal hers, temporarily of course. The designs of these bags are great and they are perfect for anyone who is interested in maintaining style throughout every part of their wardrobe, even down to your duffel or backpack.Aaron De La Cruz Bags

Great Outer Wear She Will Absolutely Love

MPG by Julianne Hough is a great line of clothes for everyday wear and the active lady in your life. The quality is absolutely top notch and is designed for you to be able to wear whether you are traveling or just going to get groceries. She is also sure to appreciate that the purchase is going to clothes for bowl and MPG has already contributed over 3 million meals through their partnership.MPG by Julianne Hough