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10 Fun Websites Guaranteed to Cure Your Boredom

webiste that kill your boredom

The internet is a magical, wonderful land when you’re bored and have some time kill – but we tend to forget exactly what the online world has to offer when we’re fixated on a dull routine of checking social media and refreshing the same old news feeds. If you’re looking for mindless distractions that go beyond scrolling through selfies and Kardashian updates, then we’ve got some pretty sweet websites for you to check out.

PostSecret Archive

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You might already be one of the millions of people who religiously check PostSecret every Sunday. If you’re not familiar with PostSecret (have you been living under a rock?) then all you need to know is that it’s a community-run blog project which invites people from around the world to send in their deepest secrets on a postcard. A selection of these postcards are featured on the blog which gets updated once a week. The PostSecret community even hosts event and publishes books compiling the most popular and widely shared secrets. With PostSecret archive, the fun doesn’t have to start and end on Sunday. The unofficial PostSecret archive collects all secrets posted each Sunday and keeps them documented so that you can waste hours looking through past postcard featured on the site.


Here’s a site for those who are feeling a bit of wanderlust on a slow, rainy day. GeoGuessr uses Google Street View to transport you to a random place on earth. No hints are given as to which part of the world you find yourself in, so you must explore until you can figure it out based on what you see. Street signs, architecture, nature, people and weather could all play a part in helping you figure out where you are. When you’re ready to guess, you place a virtual pin on a world map and GeoGuessr will show how far off you were to the place’s actual location. You get more points the faster you guess! Warning: GeoGuessr will have you itching to book plane tickets.


It’s difficult to choose a reliable casino game site due to the sheer number of them and conflicting information on which one offers the best bonus offers and promos, but PlayFrank.com is a pretty safe choice for casual gamers looking to play some adorably themed jackpots or classic card games online. Sign-up is straightforward and the graphic are super slick, allowing for an all-round easy-going gaming session. One of the website’s most impressive qualities is its seemingly never-ending choice of video slots that cover practically any theme you can think of – from Sailor Moon to Jurassic Park. In other words, when you get bored of one game you can jump straight into another. Most video slots are pay-to-play, but keep an eye out for PlayFrank’s regular casino bonuses and other promotions.


This is a fantastically cool website which will take you on a journey through time and space as you discover what kind of music was popular in different eras across the world. Radiooooo can basically be described as a glimpse into the charts across the globe at different stages in modern history. Choose between slow or upbeat songs and contribute toward the project by recommending appropriate hits for each country and decade. You might just find you discover your new favourite track here!


RIP your bank account. This online shop is famed for its hilarious, nonsensical and sometimes surprisingly practical items for sale. Ever considered that a glow-in-the-dark basketball is missing from your life? Or maybe it never occurred to you that a 3lbs heavy giant gummy worm is exactly what you need? Vat19 is a particularly useful website when you’re stuck for ideas on what to get someone for their birthday. With their wacky catalogue, you’re guaranteed to find a totally unique gift.  Vat19 are also famous for their highly amusing promotional videos, so their website provides some excellent time-wasting all-round.


In the case that you’re maybe in need of cheering up, we recommend the website Cuteness which is described as ‘a place for pet people’. Visit the site for some heartening, faith-affirming ‘aaaaaw’ moments. Cuteness posts everything animal-related, from hilarious news stories about dog shenanigans or adorable videos of playful kittens.

Mental Floss

So this one’s hardly mind-numbing…in fact, Mental Floss is mind expanding, but in the most entertaining possible way. The site’s articles cover an incredibly wide range of subjects and come in the form of bite-size lists or in-depth analysis. No matter your area of interesting, you’ll find something amazing to learn trawling through the site’s far-spanning archive.

Buzzfeed Quiz

If your general knowledge quiz skills are not to brag about then have no fear – Buzzfeed quizzes are not the kind that will get you racking your brain for bits of trivia. A Buzzfeed quiz will guess your age based on your favourite dessert,or guess your zodiac sign based on your favourite movies. The results are often uncannily accurate – and when they’re not, the fun of picking out your favourites from the choices you’re presented with will still go a long way in curing that boredom.


You’ve no doubt seen Matthew Inman’s hugely popular comics appear on your social media feed at some point. There’s just something about the artist’s funny, relatable and sometimes rather poignant comic strips which makes everyone hit the ‘share’ button. His website, The Oatmeal, is where Inman posts all of his latest art as well as the occasional article. It’s easy to spend the vast part of an afternoon clicking through a never-ending number of comics pointing fun at everyday life.

Messy Nessy Chic

internet webiste that kills boredom for ever

Vanessa Grall is a cultured europhile with a keen eye for the photogenic and incredible ability to sift through the lesser known or underrated parts of history in search for fascinating tidbits. The popular blogger compiles photos and information on everything from stunning abandoned mansions, secret hideaway bars of famous authors, unusual architecture from past decades and outrageous characters that the history books don’t mention. If you’re looking to be amazed and journey through European history, then you won’t be disappointed by Vanessa’s collection of curiosities and wonders.

Whether you’re struggling through a dull day at the office or a lecture that makes you want to fall asleep, time will fly by all the more quickly with these interesting, fun (or just plain) weird websites.