IMG 0709 2 300x225 - Some cross-border cigar shoppingI thought I’d throw up some pics of my recent purchases over the last month or two.  Since getting a new humidor, I’ve made an effort to find good deals to get the thing (at least partially) filled.  In total, I’ve made 2 purchases from Taboo (LR sampler, Twist sampler, 2 Oliva Series V lancero, 2 Taboo maduros), 1 purchase from Atlantic (10 pack of J Fuego Gran Reserve Corojo #1 toro, 5-er of RP Vintage 1990 toro and another 5-er of robustos), and 1 purchase from CigarPlace (too much to list, see pics).

All of these sites are known for being Canadian friendly, so I thought I’d give them each a shot.  Here are my experiences with each.

Atlantic: Another Canadian-friendly company, I got some great deals here.  The cigars arrived in a couple weeks, and were very nicely packed and humidified.

IMG 0701 2 300x225 - Some cross-border cigar shopping

CigarPlace:  With some amazing weekly specials, I got quite a selection at a great price.  A few days after my order, I was told a 3-pack sampler I ordered was out of stock, so I suggested that they simply substitute with something similar.  I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they had substituted for a sampler worth $5 more.  My elation ended a week or so later, when I noticed the additional $5 charge on my Visa.

IMG 0708 2 300x225 - Some cross-border cigar shopping

Taboo: Great service, fast and reasonable shipping, and great in-house blends.  Taboo’s customer service is amazing, going so far as giving me a discount I forgot to enter in my online order (see pic below).

IMG 0695 2 300x225 - Some cross-border cigar shopping

receipt - Some cross-border cigar shopping

IMG 0186 2 300x200 - Some cross-border cigar shopping

A big thanks to the people running all of these sites.  It was a great experience, and I look forward to buying (and smoking) more in the months and years to come.

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