100 30593 300x262 - Tobacos Baez Famosos RobustoTabacos Baez is a cigar made by Don Pepin Garcia.  His cigars are quite well known throughout the cigar community and have developed a reputation for being on the full bodied side with a kick of spice and a Cuban method of construction.  Tabacos Baez is named after Pepin’s birthplace — Baez, Cuba.  The line continues with Pepin’s reputation for using Nicaraguan tobacco, trying to emulate Cuban cigars in construction and flavor.  The wrapper is Connecticut Shade leaf, with different sources claiming either U.S. or Ecuadorian seed tobacco, and the binder and filler are both Nicaraguan grown Cuban seed tobaccos.  The blend is less peppery than what you would expect from Pepin, but make no mistake, there is a nice bit of spice in this line.  The spice mixes nicely with notes of wood, coffee, and finishes with a nice nuttiness.

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100 3061 300x286 - Tobacos Baez Famosos Robusto

I had the pleasure of receiving these cigars from Jarrod at TexCigars, and after a few weeks of rest in my humidor they were ready to smoke.  The weather is nice, albeit a little windy, but warm enough to be able to sit outside on my porch and enjoy some solitude.  I take a look at the wrapper, slowly turning the cigar in my fingers: smooth and soft like velvet.  There are mild veins along the length of the cigar, and while they are visible, they aren’t ugly.  The overall appearance is rather plain and rugged, right down to the cigar band that is unremarkable but suits the overall look of the cigar: simple and rugged.  The cigar feels firm and well rolled, almost rock solid it is so tightly packed.  I bring the cigar closer to get its scent: it’s sweet and earthy, with hints of cedar and a floral touch.  The cap is tapered down, giving the cigar a torpedo appearance.   I toast the foot with a couple matches, getting the foot of the cigar smoldering before I cut the cap and finish lighting the cigar.

100 3065 300x216 - Tobacos Baez Famosos RobustoThe initial taste I got blasted me with some full bodied spices, mixing some black pepper with cinnamon.  The pepper fades away and becomes a woody, nutty, coffee mix.  The woody notes remind me strongly of cedar, and the coffee is a nice black medium roast.  Further into the cigar the pepper tones down a little, but is still quite strong.  It’s the first thing I taste with each puff, but quickly gives way to that nice blend of cedar and coffee.  The nuttiness starts to move more to the finish, and reminds me strongly of a mix of cashews and pistachios.  The flavors don’t change too much, remaining fairly consistent from start to finish.  What does change is the intensity in the flavors, with the pepper starting strong and toning down gradually, and the nuts becoming stronger towards the finish.

100 3068 300x158 - Tobacos Baez Famosos RobustoSmoking this cigar was interesting for me.  Normally I prefer more notes of cocoa and coffee, but this was an excellent change of pace.  I felt this was a good introduction to cigars from Pepin because it wasn’t one of his more powerful blends, so it gives a good introduction to what a Pepin cigar would be like without overpowering me.  The overall experience of the cigar was a good one.  It wasn’t a pepper bomb that kicked me in the teeth, but it had a very nice spice that caught my attention with strong flavors that I could identify immediately.  The cigar burned fairly evenly, even with strong winds that would normally give most other cigars difficulty.  Tex has boxes of 20 cigars for just over $100. At $5 per cigar I’d buy another few of these for later when I want a more full bodied cigar that has some kick to it.  I paired this cigar with coffee, and found that it easily kept up with a dark roast bean.  I could easily make this an after dinner cigar when I’ve had something strong or spicy and still have no issue tasting this cigar.

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