IMG 4034 - Rikang 4.5" LighterLighters are often overlooked in the world of cigars, but they’re really something you should pay attention to.  There are tons of choices for lighters ranging from Zippos to Bics to Xikar torches.  The question is what’s a good choice?  Well, let’s rule out soft flame lighters like traditional Zippos and cheap Bics, which will impart the flavor of the fuel onto the cigar.  That leaves us with butane torch lighters which will burn cleanly and let you taste only the tobacco.  What, then, would be a good choice?  Let’s narrow it down again to small portable pocket lighters and larger table lighters.  Ok, now we have two categories to choose from.  Let’s assume you have a good pocket lighter already and want something that you can have on the table at home for yourself or to pass around.  Ah, now we can narrow things down significantly.

IMG 4040 300x300 - Rikang 4.5" LighterI’ll first take a look at the Rikang 4.5” tall torch.  It’s not the largest tabletop lighter out there, but it counts as one nonetheless.  It comes neatly packaged in a white sheathed black box, and has the lighter and a plastic attachable stand.  It attaches quite simply and holds steady once on.  Despite it being a smaller tabletop lighter, it does hold a decent amount of fuel, so refills will be minimal.  It has a long spout where the flame comes out of, keeping the heat well away from fingers while using it.  This is a major perk for those who like larger gauge cigars and have to take a little extra time to light them.  This further doubles as a pipe lighter with a simple turn of an air inlet ring.  Quite handy if you ask me, since now I have a lighter that serves two purposes.

IMG 4043 300x200 - Rikang 4.5" LighterOperation is very simple.  Slide the safety switch to the left and push the large button at the top.  I’ve had no issues getting a solid flame in any of the wind conditions I’ve been outside in, save for gale force winds, but realistically I wouldn’t be smoking outside in those conditions either.  I mentioned earlier that you can adjust the flame from a hot steady torch to a soft flame.  All that needs to be done for this is to turn the black ring near the base of the spout after the lighter has produced a blue jet, and you now have a soft flame for pipes.  If you want more or less flame, then look under the base of the lighter and turn the flip up dial.  It’s all very straightforward and fairly foolproof.

IMG 4046 300x200 - Rikang 4.5" LighterI’ve known people who would be willing to pay a fair amount of money for a good lighter, upwards of $50 or more.  I’ve found this lighter for anywhere between $16-20, and wouldn’t mind paying that much in the slightest.  In the weeks I’ve had it, it has been a very reliable lighter with no issues whatsoever.  It produces a strong jet of blue odorless flame that lights up my cigars quickly and lets me enjoy them.  On the days I choose to smoke a pipe, it lets me quickly light my pipe easily.  So far I haven’t had to refill it at all, and that’s with half a dozen uses for cigars and pipes, and it still doesn’t seem like I’d need to refill it anytime soon.  I’d definitely suggest you look into these for a small affordable and effective tabletop lighter.

Special thanks to Aaron of Butane Lighters Wholesale for sending me this little jewel of a lighter.  It’s quickly becoming one of my favorites at home.  I suggest you check out his site for some other affordable and effective lighters.

IMG 4049 300x200 - Rikang 4.5" LighterIMG 4052 300x200 - Rikang 4.5" Lighter