IMG 2078 300x168 - Juan Lopez Petit Corona at Chateau WhistlerThis summer brought several opportunities to visit some of the great golf locations in Canada (thanks Dad) on both sides of the country. In Ontario, I visited Glen Abbey, but didn’t have a chance to play there. In Whistler, I played back to back at the two courses right in the Village, Whistler Golf Club and Chateau Whistler. Obviously all 3 courses were beautiful and worth visiting, and each has a unique flavour in its design and presentation. Chateau was the most challenging of the 2 Whistler courses for me, because any errant shots went straight into trees and were gone forever. There is something magical about being on a course like Chateau where you’re surrounded by trees and mountains during the entire round; it really feels like a getaway. To highlight the experience I sparked a cuban that I felt would highlight my day at Chateau and by no means overshadow the other sensory experiences of a great golf day.

The Juan Lopez Petit Corona is a textbook cuban cigar, with above average but not flawless construction and a sweetly earthy prelight aroma.  After lighting, there were easy-going leather flavours with a bit of spice that left a touch of bitter dryness. This cigar was very well behaved, especially staying lit despite inconsistent puffs on the golf cart and greenside grass between shots. The cigar lasted about 4 or 5 holes, a little short, but its a small cigar so I smoked it right to the nub. With a few sips of scotch from the flask and an incredibly memorable setting, smoking this little cuban was a great experience.

IMG 2088 1024x576 - Juan Lopez Petit Corona at Chateau Whistler

IMG 2262 1024x576 - Juan Lopez Petit Corona at Chateau Whistler

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