davidoff entreacto 251x300 - Davidoff EntreactoI’m a fan of big cigars; I like how they burn cool and evolve, I like how they feel in my hand, and I like how they force me to slow down and relax.  Once in a while, however, circumstances arise in which I want to enjoy a cigar in a fixed time slot, perhaps at lunch or during a coffee break.  I hate to take one of my prized toros, churchills, or even robustos, and smoke the first third.  Rather, I prefer to keep on hand some smaller cigars, but it can be tough to find small, quality cigars.  I don’t mean Rothschild small, or even petit corona small, I mean 3 ½” by 42 small.  Enter the Davidoff Entreacto.

Coming in at $7.50, the Entreacto may seem pricy for the miniscule amount of tabacco in it, but given the “Davidoff” label, this is to be expected.  I thought I’d give one a shot anyways, and I was glad I did.  The cigar is very well made, with a nice oily dark wrapper.  The pre-light aroma is nutty, with a pleasant earthiness, and the band peeled off easily.  The cigar lights nicely, and holds a sturdy white ash.

IMG 0452 300x225 - Davidoff Entreacto

As it burns, it gains some nice caramel flavors with a burnt wood taste appearing in the second half (while I usually characterize a cigar in thirds, I think this one warrants being labeled in halves…).  Also present for the cigar’s duration is a coffee undertone, becoming blacker as the cigar reached its nub, but never quite becoming bitter.

This cigar was medium bodied, both in flavour and buzz, and left a nice mouth feel following its 25 minute smoking duration.  All in all, this is a pleasant small cigar.  There are arguably better cigars for the price, but there’s very little with this level of consistency, at this size,  and with this pleasant of a flavor profile.  If you’re looking for a quality small cigar and have some spare change to burn, look no further.

IMG 04511 - Davidoff EntreactoIMG 0453 - Davidoff EntreactoIMG 0455 - Davidoff EntreactoIMG 0456 - Davidoff Entreacto