LX2 01 - CAO LX2I’ve written plenty on CAO already (namely, the Brazilia Gol and the OSA Sol).  They’re well known for their bold flavors, top notch construction, and unique packaging.  The LX2 series is no different, sporting all of those traits and then some.  The LX2 (ligero-times-two) moniker is given after its extensive use of ligero leaves in the construction of the cigar.  The wrapper is a sun-grown Nicaraguan leaf, binder Honduran, and fillers two different ligero tobaccos from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic.  Despite the heavy use of ligero leaves, the cigar is toted to be very well balanced rather than spice heavy and overdone.  I’m in agreement, and find this cigar to be quite well blended and made.

LX2 03 - CAO LX2LX2 02 - CAO LX2

LX2 04 300x200 - CAO LX2The vitola I’ve picked out to review is a robusto measuring in at 5 x 52.  It’s wrapped with Nicaraguan tobacco, bound with Honduran tobacco, and filled with a blend of Dominican and Nicaraguan leaf.  The wrapper is that looks like richly stained cherry wood.  The oils shine clearly off of the wrapper, looking almost like it could drip off of the leaf.  There is mild to moderate veining, and a mild amount of tooth.  The texture is very pleasing to the touch, smooth as satin and equally soft.  The cigar is quite firm as well, with no soft spots that I could feel as I inspected the cigar.  Its scent is very pleasing: sweet earth, roses, and cocoa.

LX2 05 300x200 - CAO LX2I toast the foot and get it glowing evenly before clipping the cap and taking a puff.  I get a nice easy draw with plentiful amounts of medium bodied smoke.  I’m greeted with black and red peppers that have a hint of sweetness to them.   Notes of charred oak, toast, espresso, and cocoa powder follow afterwards, and the cigar finishes with earth, caramel, and nuts.  The flavor profile is amazing with lots of bold sharp flavors and some nuances that mingle in.  The core flavors would seem as though they clash, but they go together nicely.  The charred oak and toast flow smoothly into the espresso and cocoa, which then flow into the finish.

LX2 06 300x200 - CAO LX2The flavor profile doesn’t change all too much as the cigar progresses.  The peppery beginning tones down mildly, but remain bold and sharp for the most part.  The retrohales always bring out the pepper and spices the most, and can be a little overpowering sometimes.  The main body of flavors shifts back and forth between each other with no single flavor taking the lead.  While each flavor is sharp, they flow from one to the other quite nicely so that you can enjoy them together or separately.  The finish is a very nice mix of earth, caramel, and nuts that gives a very nice end to the flavors you taste.

LX2 07 300x200 - CAO LX2I’m quite happy with this cigar.  CAO has earned a reputation of doing things right, and lines like this reinforces that reputation.  The flavors are bold, sharp, and the overall profile is complex and enjoyable.  The burn on the cigar was slow and even, and the cigar lasted just under two hours.  There was no harshness or bitterness to contend with, and the experience was very pleasant.  I can find these cigars for anywhere between $5.25-7.25 per cigar online.  Even at the higher end of the price range I don’t find it to be unreasonable for the enjoyment you get.  I’d happily buy more of these again, and suggest them to someone who wants to try a ligero rich cigar that doesn’t kick too hard.

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