SCR 01 - Alec Bradley SCRAh yes, another Alec Bradley cigar review.  I come back to this company every now and then because they offer cigars that I can enjoy with a variety of flavor profiles that are well balanced and all at a price that’s easy on my pocket.  I’ve written about the Maxx and Tempus line, and now I’ll go onto the cousin of the Tempus line, the Select Cabinet Reserve, or SCR.  The SCR is very similar to the Tempus, having the same blend of Honduran and Nicaraguan fillers.  There is a double binder made from Indonesian tobacco, and Honduran tobacco for its wrapper.  The key difference between the SCR and the Tempus is that the wrapper is from the Trojes region of Honduras, where the flavor is noted as sweeter and mellower.

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SCR 04 300x200 - Alec Bradley SCRThis particular vitola is an SCR corona, measuring in at 5.5 x 42.  It’s wrapped in a dark brown wrapper, just a shade darker than milk chocolate.  It has mild to moderate veining, and very mild tooth.  There is a mild oily shine to the wrapper, and the texture is slightly on the rougher side, similar to brown paper would feel.  There are minor imperfections in the form of sunspots, but overall it’s a handsome looking cigar with a slightly rugged appearance and a regal looking band.

SCR 05 300x200 - Alec Bradley SCRCutting the cap is simple and provides a nice easy draw.  The initial flavors are sweet and mellow, mild to medium in body but plentiful in flavor.  I pick up notes of sweet earth, nuts, wood, and hay in the aftertaste.  It all flows into one another without clashing or mixing into any off flavors.  Eventually, after the first inch, the flavors settle into a nice mellow pattern.  I get some red and green peppers at the start, which are especially noticeable in retrohales.  The pepper flows into a blend of sweet earth, nuts, and mild notes of wood.  It finishes with sweet spices and hay that lasts into the aftertaste.

SCR 06 300x200 - Alec Bradley SCRThe flavor doesn’t change all too much as the cigar progresses.  The peppery start becomes a little milder and mellow, but remains at the beginning.  Gradually the wood and nuts take the lead over the earthiness, and becomes the dominant flavors.  Sweet spices develop into the finish and aftertaste, and add a little more dimension to the flavors.  Overall there isn’t a whole lot of change, but enough to be noticeable.  I like that the flavors are fairly consistent from start to finish, with only subtle changes in the presentation.

SCR 07 300x200 - Alec Bradley SCROverall I’m quite pleased with this cigar.  It provided a very pleasant flavor profile with consistency from start to finish.  It’s toted as the Tempus’ more reserved and tempered brother.  In that regard it seems to do the job quite well, and had similar flavors that were milder and sweeter.  Like other Alec Bradley cigars I’ve smoked, it burned slowly and evenly, and gave a nice easy draw.  Even more impressive is the price of these cigars, which can be found anywhere from $4.80-$6.00 depending on where you look.  I’d have little issue paying $5 for this cigar, and would be on the lookout for good deals on these.  Given the choice between these or the Tempus line, I would take the Tempus for the bolder flavors.  However, at the start of the day or for a more mellow smoke, I would pick the SCR.

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