Every institution has many students who come from different backgrounds, races, tribes and homes. It is important for a school facility to have a class president who will be a good role model. Leadership comes by and from an example. A good Role model will be essential in this area since students will find it easier emulating their fellow work students.

Why Students Need a School President 1024x768 - Why Students Need a School President
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According to website provides custom perfect written essays, a school president is important since he is the voice of the school. He acts as a bridge between him and the students, and the teachers. He can echo the complaints about either side since he is the communication point for both parties. Since it is a heavy responsibility to deal with each case as the teacher, one acts as the eyes and ears.

Then president gains trust in both sides. The teacher will view the person as an integral individual who is well mature and able to handle diverse and complex cases. The school president is a respected member of the school since he is accountable for anything that may take place in the institution.

One Advantage of being a college president is respect. An individual can gain respect and where there is respect there is the state of submission. When the students can recognize a man in authority, the pattern will continue up to the Top of the institution.


A school president enables students to have relevant, or an idea about voting, which is free and fair. This action prepares them for the world outside when a nation reaches a certain point where they have to make a critical choice. This pattern they have learnt act as a basis for what they have acquired during school activity to apply in the outside world.