How Can Your Brand Benefit From Energy Drinks and Social Media Engagement?

Today, social media sites are strong contenders in the marketing industry. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, and YouTube provide a way for brands to engage with their customers. This is especially important as many of the members in today’s target audiences are more likely to make purchases based on their emotional ties to a brand. When it comes to energy drinks, often marketed to Generation Y, those interactions and emotional links are particularly important. One group of marketers was curious about the specific relationship between the energy drinks and their chosen social media platforms.

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Strengthen the Relationship Between Your Brand and Your Consumer

What these marketing professionals found was that the use of some key tactics lead to measureable success. Before taking a look, it’s important to keep one very important idea in mind: The true value of social media marketing lies in the interactions and relationship built between consumers and the energy drink brand.

The following recommendations were geared specifically toward Instagram, but could easily be used to guide a brand’s use of just about any social media platform.

  1. Keep It Short and Engaging

That fun acronym “KISS: Keep It Short and Simple” works great when it comes to social media posts. The majority of modern consumers, especially those who are engaged with digital media, are accustomed to spending just a few seconds with a post. The key here is to create fun posts while keeping them short.

  1. Research Consumers’ Preferences

The second tip is to be aware of customers’ preferences. For consumers of energy drinks, important areas of interest might be extreme sports, adventure, travel, current events, and related topics. Brand posts should related to those topics. Identify what your customers love and go from there.

  1. Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags allow users to connect with virtual communities of people with the same interests and following the same hot topics. Can you use hashtags to direct consumers to your brand or to topics that are important to them?

  1. Exchange Text for Images

Social media interactions are becoming less and less text-oriented and much more image-driven. Remember tip one? Keep the text short and add great images.

  1. Learn to Use Video Content

Finally, take advantage of videos. The use of YouTube videos on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram, is growing. If images are increasing engagement, then imagine the impact that a carefully chosen video might have.

How Effective Is Your Use of Social Media?

Consider your current use of social media platforms. Whether you have an investment in energy drinks or not, these tips can help you improve the way that you are engaging with consumers. Take a look at your current methods. How successful are they? Maybe they could use some tweaking here and there.