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Scotch Glassware

Can different glasses effect the taste of scotch? I recently used myself as a lab rat and tried 3 scotch whiskies from 5 different...

Does Liquor Ever Expire?

Nora Maynard has written a short Q&A on the shelf-life of spirits. While the content largely parallels that of our recent article on how to store whisky, they've largely ignored the use of wine preservers. Those of us who have very valuable and rare bottles want to be able to cherish them for a considerable amount of time. Wine preservers are the perfect way to make a bottle last beyond the 6 months suggested by Nora. These wine preservers are basically compressed inert gas which you inject into the bottle. The inert gas displaces the oxygen in the bottle, preventing the liquor from oxidizing. You can find them at any fine wine merchant, or even at Amazon.

How to Store Scotch Whisky

I recently finished off a bottle of scotch that had been sitting on the shelf for some time with barely a half inch of...