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The Gentleman’s Cellar: Wine Prejudice

Imagine it is the height of summer, and you offer a friend a fresh, juicy peach. The response: Sorry, I prefer to eat cherries....

The Gentleman’s Cellar: The Ever Changing Palate

One of the tough lessons of having a wine cellar is that over the years the wines and specifically the wine styles you like...

What to Drink at Thanksgiving

The obvious answer to this question is your finest whisky, after dinner, as a placebo for the real or imagined effects of tryptophan. Preferably also in...

Sulfates in Whisky

A family member of mine has an extreme allergy to sulfates, so certain wines can cause unpleasant reactions such as headaches and swollen lips...

Whisky in Paris

Following up on our recent Cigars in Paris article, I thought I’d write something up for the curious whisky-lover in Paris.  As the host...

Noé and Cigars

Sherry is a beverage you most likely associate with your grandma at Thanksgiving. Or maybe because you enjoy your scotch aged in barrels that...