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The Gentleman’s Cellar: Traditional Winemaking in Bordeaux

I don't buy and drink Bordeaux wine just because it tastes good. I'm looking for stimulation of the mind and palate, since the latter...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Sauternes

Dessert wines are not in style. With the exception of when I am looking to create a specific recipe pairing, or when I am...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Madeira

The marketing of wine and spirits has always been built around a secret weapon: tradition. Emphasizing the old-world tradition is the bread and butter...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: The Oak Monster

It's no secret that making sweet tasting fruity wines is a quick way to marketing success for a winemaker. It's tough to blame them...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Rediscovering Beaujolais

The mass commercialization of specific wine regions has created some patterns that have repeated over the last few decades. This effect is like a wave...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Keeping the Cellar Stocked

So you've started a wine cellar. A couple of months in, and you've already opened a few bottles you were planning on saving for...