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Vancouver Whisky Release

Today your local BC Signature store is stocking its shelves with some of the world's rarest and most exciting malts. Even if your location...

Bruichladdich Octomore Ver. 1

Peat.  Peat peat peat.  I love it.  There are bottles of Talisker and Ardbeg on my shelf that will attest to that.  Peat is...

Primer Guest Article

The team over at Primer Magazine recently asked me to write a guest article, so I wrote a brief primer (excuse the pun) on...

How to Store Scotch Whisky

I recently finished off a bottle of scotch that had been sitting on the shelf for some time with barely a half inch of...

An Award for Grant’s Whisky

I'm not a big fan of Grant's.  I'm not saying I didn't recently polish off a bottle, or even pour myself a dram out...

Highland Park 12 Year

Way up in the nether northern regions of Scotland lies the island of Orkney, home to the self proclaimed greatest spirit in the world....