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Cleaning Your Scotch Glassware

Have you ever put your nose into a glass of scotch and your first thought was "This doesn't smell like anything at all?" You...

Shaving Creams vs. Soaps

It’s not a secret that your face will thank you for using better products, especially for the morning shaving ritual.  Everywhere you look, the...

The Importance of Quality Shaving Cream

When I first started shaving as a young teenager, I was armed with a exceedingly simple set-up: Gillette disposal razor and Gillette "goo in...

Cooking with Fire and Tools

Having recently been at a restaurant where my dinner was constantly interrupted by the bright lights and flame sounds coming from the nearby wok chef, I...

Drinkwel’s Life of the Party Kit

It's no surprise that we at The Aspiring Gentleman are fans of Drinkwel, the multivitamin for people who drink.  Our experience with long nights...

The Dalmore 18 Year

The Dalmore is not shy about Sherry, and we have waxed poetic on these pages about the pure orange citrus notes of Dalmore 12...