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Auchentoshan 12 Year Old

As scotch sales surge there are fortunes to be made again in the whisky business, and many established brands are bought and sold, rebranded,...

Scotch & Cigars in Vancouver

If you are traveling to the west coast and Vancouver, as we at The Aspiring Gentleman did over the last few weeks, you may...

Why Visit a Tobacconist?

I’ve smoked cigars for a number of years now, dating back to freshman year of college.  I remember walking into one of the local...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Sauternes

Dessert wines are not in style. With the exception of when I am looking to create a specific recipe pairing, or when I am...

Films To Imbibe In: Blue In The Face

The film, Blue in the Face, is a strange sort of sequel. It’s a companion piece to the previously reviewed film Smoke, with both...

Films To Imbibe In: Smoke

The movie Smoke, released in 1995, is a character driven intimate film that has as its central character a cigar shop in Brooklyn, New...