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Shows To Imbibe In: The Singing Detective

The Singing Detective is a six-part British mini-series that originally aired on the BBC in 1986. The production stars Michael Gambon, an Irish-born English...

Angel 100 OTC

The Angel 100 series of cigars was named in honor of Angel Oliva, Sr., the patriarch of the Oliva Tobacco Company.  Angel Oliva was...

Shows To Imbibe In: Carlos

Long before Osama Bin Laden there was another terrorist who also preached violence and was responsible for the deaths of many innocent people.A man...

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Robusto

Rocky Patel is a fairly well known name in the cigar community, despite being a fairly new one.  He has developed a reputation of...

Music To Imbibe In: Lalo Schifrin

Lalo Schifrin is a composer, pianist, and conductor of Argentine descent that has been working in television and films for close to fifty years....

Oliva Serie ‘O’ Robusto

The Oliva Cigar Family is known in the cigar community for their smooth wrappers, complex flavors, and excellent prices.  They have four lines of...