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First Smoke of the Summer

Here in the Pacific Northwest, summer has been late in its arrival.  A wet April transitioned into a worse May, and before I knew...

Padilla Miami Robusto

Padilla cigars are produced by Ernesto Padilla, who began producing them in 2003.  In a short amount of time he has created numerous blends...

Rocky Patel Vintage 1992 Robusto

Rocky Patel is a fairly well known name in the cigar community, despite being a fairly new one.  He has developed a reputation of...

Oliva Serie ‘O’ Robusto

The Oliva Cigar Family is known in the cigar community for their smooth wrappers, complex flavors, and excellent prices.  They have four lines of...

Smoking Cigars in Cuba

Being faced with constant smoking bans and limits on personal freedoms (see, for example, New York's recent barrage of legislation), it was incredibly relieving...

Perdomo Habano Corojo Robusto

Started by Nick Perdomo Jr. in the early 1990's, Perdomo Cigars has an interesting history leading back to early 20th century Cuba.  Nick Jr's...