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Bluebeards Revenge Contest Giveaway Ver. 2

The fine folks over at The Shaving Shack have been long-time supporters of The Aspiring Gentleman, even hosting product giveaways for our readers.  Now,...

Whisky and Cigar Podcasts

Eyes getting tired of reading blog after blog on your favourite topic?  Would you rather spend your time out and about, while still absorbing...

Bluebeards Revenge Contest Giveaway

We at The Aspiring Gentleman are proud to feature another wet-shaving giveaway contest.  Bluebeards Revenge, the latest product from the guys at The Shaving Shack...

Whisky in History — Circa 1900

This is the first post in a weekly mini-series featuring whisky's role in the 20th century by way of the Life Archive.  We'll cover whisky...

Cheap Lighters

Rob over at Puffing Cigars recently had an entertaining post on cheap lighters.  His general conclusion is that for a party lighter, you can't...