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First Smoke of the Summer

Here in the Pacific Northwest, summer has been late in its arrival.  A wet April transitioned into a worse May, and before I knew...

H. Upmann 1844 Reserve

H. Upmann cigars started with Herman Upmann, a German banker, who began producing cigars in Cuba in 1844.  He used his cigars to promote...

Angel 100 OTC

The Angel 100 series of cigars was named in honor of Angel Oliva, Sr., the patriarch of the Oliva Tobacco Company.  Angel Oliva was...

El Incomparable and El Sublimado

Infused cigars.  The two words together tend to bring hate and discontent among many cigar smokers for various reasons.  Many of them have a...

Don Pepin Garcia Blue Lancero

The lancero can be a joy to smoke in those times where you want a nice long smoke but desire to explore the delicate...

Viaje Oro Delicado

One of the most attractive cigars I've smoked this year is the Viaje Oro (the j is pronounced like an h).  Viaje is a...