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Oliva Serie ‘O’ Maduro

Oliva Cigar Company is a widely successful cigar maker.  Their history can be traced as far back as 1886 when the Oliva family was...

Padron Delicias Maduro

Padron… well, what more can I say after my last review on their 1964 Anniversary line?  They’re famous for their delicious flavor, outstanding quality,...

Taboo Limited Reserve

How much do cigars vary from one size to the next?  How about between the same cigar with a different wrapper? While I've experienced...

10 Worst Cigars of 2009?

Stogie Review just put out a list of their bottom 10 cigars of 2009, which is a nice contrast to the seemingly endless list...

Carlos Toraño Signature Collection Perfecto

After starting cigar production in Cuba in 1916, the Toraño family had accumulated 17 tobacco farms by the Cuban revolution in 1959.  At this...