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Traveling with Cigars

While smoking a cigar in your own back yard is one of the best ways to unwind after a long day, the enjoyment of...

Shows To Imbibe In: The Wire

Home Box Office, or HBO as it is more commonly known, has over the years produced some of the most engaging and risky television...

Vintage Ashtray Shopping

There are few things worse than cheap restaurant ashtrays (non-smoking establishments being one); at home, one is not bound to convention: metal, plastic, wood,...

Music To Imbibe In: Capitol Records’ Ultra-Lounge

Starting in 1996, Capitol Records began releasing a set of CD’s that they christened Ultra-Lounge. The series is a brilliant cross section of a...

Words To Imbibe In: Ernest Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway (1899–1961) was a celebrated author, a journalist, a Herculean drinker, and an extreme lover of life. A statement that at first blush...

Scotch, Cigars, and Suits

Men love a party where they can enjoy a good glass of scotch and a fine cigar. Something about this combination exclaims manliness and men happily partake of them in the company of other men. Parties unfortunately don't last forever, but the worst part of them can: a smelly or stained suit. What happens in the event that some precious liquid falls onto your fine suit? What about getting that cigar smell out of your clothes (sure you love it, but your wife and coworkers don't)? This guide will help you keep the great memories of the party without living with a scotch stain or a suit that smells like cigar smoke.