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Cooking with Fire and Tools

Having recently been at a restaurant where my dinner was constantly interrupted by the bright lights and flame sounds coming from the nearby wok chef, I...

Christmas Pudding

As much as we love to label Fruit Cake as the red-headed stepchild of Christmas, when it's done right it can harken us back...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: The Oak Monster

It's no secret that making sweet tasting fruity wines is a quick way to marketing success for a winemaker. It's tough to blame them...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Soup for Winter

Having forgotten to turn up my thermostat this evening, my mind is inevitably drifting towards a warm, hearty dinner, a craving we all get...

The Missisipi Distiller

In my online meanderings, I recently came across "The Missisipi Distiller," a device for extracting essential oils from plants.  My immediate reaction is that...