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Smoke a JJ for JJ

If you follow the cigar blogging world, you're probably aware that this Thursday, July 22nd, is the 3rd annual "Smoke a JJ for JJ"...

Cigar Giveaways and Contests

Our Taboo Giveaway Contest ended yesterday.  Thanks to the 150+ people who entered simply by becoming a fan of us on Facebook.  The randomly...

Newfound Appreciation for Cigar Rollers

Tom Johansmeyer of at Luxist.com has just written a short article on his experiences at Pepin Garcia's My Father Cigars factory, where he had...

Vancouver’s Hopscotch Festival: November 16-22

Press Release Below:FoodConnect.com’s Hopscotch Festival returns for its thirteenth year in 2009 as Canada's biggest whisky and premium beer festival; with many new and...

The Cigar Pass

So you traveled to Cuba and bought a few boxes of cigars.  Or maybe you splurged on a 5-pack at your local B&M.  Your...

Why use a shaving brush

Sometime last year I made the switch from using a Philips electric razor to traditional wetshaving, and I wouldn't look back; shaving in the...