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An Education On Shoes: Brown vs Black

Fairly recently a lawyer friend of mine called me up rather frantically to ask me a question which, while perhaps not containing the same...

Accessories That Time Forgot

While there are some trinkets of yesteryear that will hopefully forever remain abandoned from a man’s wardrobe -- bell bottoms, bikini briefs and leather...

When Style equals Substance

Is it really any wonder that most men avoid appearing to have any interest in style even more than misanthropes tend to avoid goodwill?...

The (Style) World’s Best Kept Secret

I will start off by admitting that when I was first tasked by my editor to cover the men’s portion of Seattle Fashion Week...

The Tie that Doesn’t Bind

It is quite possible that no other instrument in the history of men’s clothing has been more misunderstood than the necktie. Its purpose has...

Coordinating Dress and Complexion

We will start off by issuing a proclamation that the legendary Martin Luther King Jr. would surely contend with; all skin colors should not...