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The Stafford’s Third “Pub Talk”

I just received an email about an event happening in London on September 14th prominently featuring cigars and cognac.  Sounds like an event right...

How to Make an Ashtray for $10

Several months ago, I had an experience smoking some Taboo cigars that we ashed into a rather ingenious tin can ashtray. Ok, it wasn't...

Padrón 2000 Natural

When you're first getting into cigars, and you would like to try something beyond the cheap brands in terms of flavour and experience, there's...

Killing Bad Cigar Breath

Kyle writes: What is the best way to eliminate the lingering cigar/pipe taste after a night of smoking? Even when I give a thorough brushing...

Padilla Dominus Robusto

When the wife takes one of those shopping trips south of the border and you end up as the chauffeur, make sure you take...

Taboo Cigar Giveaway Contest

Last summer I went on a bit of a spree buying cigars online, and one of the shops I purchased from was Taboo Cigars,...