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Scotch & Cigars in Vancouver

If you are traveling to the west coast and Vancouver, as we at The Aspiring Gentleman did over the last few weeks, you may...

The Gentleman’s Cellar: Sauternes

Dessert wines are not in style. With the exception of when I am looking to create a specific recipe pairing, or when I am...

Books To Imbibe In: The Havana Cigar: Cuba’s Finest

There are cigar reference books, and then there are cigar reference books. The Havana Cigar is an attractive coffee table volume that is indispensible...

Traditions To Imbibe To: The Cigar Reader

It’s a Cuban tradition that is almost 150 years old and continues to this day. Lectors or Lectores is the name given to these...

Macanudo Cru Royale

Macanudo, self-proclaimed as the top-selling cigar in America, is often maligned by the cigar blogosphere.  So when Macanudo released the Cru Royale this year,...

Luis Martinez Silver Selection Robusto

The Luis Martinez factory in Esteli, Nicaragua holds its roots in Cuba.  According to the manufacturer's website, Don Luis Martinez started making cigars in...