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Pairing Drinks with Cigars

Although the Aspiring Gentleman fully endorses Scotch Whisky as the drink pairing of choice with any of your favourite cigars, the realities of workplace,...

The Cigar Pass

So you traveled to Cuba and bought a few boxes of cigars.  Or maybe you splurged on a 5-pack at your local B&M.  Your...

Cheap Lighters

Rob over at Puffing Cigars recently had an entertaining post on cheap lighters.  His general conclusion is that for a party lighter, you can't...

How The “Pros” Store Their Cigars

There is much debate on desktop humidors vs. cabinets vs. coolidors, so I began to wonder how the better-known cigar smokers and writers stored...

Jose L. Piedra Petit Cetros

During a recent visit to my local cigar shop, I picked up a 5 pack of JLP Petit Cetros. With a price tag of under $5 a stick, I wasn't sure what to expect.