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Places To Imbibe In: Havana

The first thing that you notice when you arrive in the Havana airport is the attitude. There is an ever-present air of security about...

Perdomo Exhibicion Sun Grown

The Perdomo family has a rich history in the cigar and tobacco industry that can be traced back to San Jose de las Lajas,...

Films To Imbibe In: Predator

The team of specialists sent in to do the job that no one else can get done is a popular and constant theme in...

Super Bowl Cigars

Today is one of those rare winter days when you can take hours away from the usual routine, gather with some friends, and enjoy...

The Value of Cigar Rollers

Had a busy busy weekend around here, with no end in sight, so I thought I'd share a great little article I found in...

Montecristo No.4

When you think of Cuban cigars, the first thing that comes to mind may be "Montecristo." In fact, 50% of all cuban cigars sold...