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Films To Imbibe In: Rififi

Jules Dassin was an American film director, screenwriter, and actor who had to leave his native land for Europe in 1953 because he was...

Music To Imbibe In: Joe Williams

Joe Williams was a consummate jazz and blues singer; an entertainer blessed with a rich baritone voice with a delivery so smooth that it...

Music To Imbibe In: Alberta Hunter Amtrak Blues

There are some performers with careers that just absolutely refuse to obey the normal standards of time and somehow manage to flourish for decades...

Music To Imbibe In: Frank Sinatra’s A Jolly Christmas

He was called many things during his long career, The Chairman of the Board, Ol’ Blue Eyes and even the somber sounding, The Voice....

Films To Imbibe In: John Cassavetes

John Cassavetes may not be a household name to the casual film fan, but in many ways this intense actor, director and writer, was...