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The Glenlivet 12 Year Old

With an annual production of nearly 6 million liters, The Glenlivet is a scotch whisky powerhouse, occupying shelf space in nearly every liquor store worldwide. The distillery has a storied history, starting with its founding in 1824, through it's acquisition by Glen Grant in 1953 and Seagrams in 1977 to its current resting place in the portfolio of Pernod Ricard. The often-told story is that George Smith, The Glenlivet's founder, had to carry a pistol when he first obtained a license for his distillery to ward off his hundreds of (illegal) competitors. If you're ever in a sketchy bar and want single malt scotch, chances are they'll have bottles of Glenfiddich 12 and The Glenlivet 12 kicking around.

Does Liquor Ever Expire?

Nora Maynard has written a short Q&A on the shelf-life of spirits. While the content largely parallels that of our recent article on how to store whisky, they've largely ignored the use of wine preservers. Those of us who have very valuable and rare bottles want to be able to cherish them for a considerable amount of time. Wine preservers are the perfect way to make a bottle last beyond the 6 months suggested by Nora. These wine preservers are basically compressed inert gas which you inject into the bottle. The inert gas displaces the oxygen in the bottle, preventing the liquor from oxidizing. You can find them at any fine wine merchant, or even at Amazon.

The Great Whisky Smoke

I'll be attending The Great Whisky Smoke tonight - a satellite event for the Hop Scotch Festival which includes an afternoon of cigars, catered...

Mad Men’s Whiskies

I just finished watching Sunday night's Mad Men, and once again whisky featured a critical role.  In the scene Don is waiting in the...

An Award for Grant’s Whisky

I'm not a big fan of Grant's.  I'm not saying I didn't recently polish off a bottle, or even pour myself a dram out...