We probably will never outgrow this. Since we were little, we have played with toy cars imagining them speeding against each other and one (or all) of them exploding into a fiery death at the end of the race. There is something about speed and these beautiful beast of a machinery that gets us all riled up and excited. It has been like this for many men eversince childhood, and apparently, it has been like this for mankind for decades!


I just got a hold of this valuable piece of information that will definitely keep me at home in front of the TV for the  next few weekends. Below are the 10 greatest car movies ever made, a movie guide for every car fanatic who has ever lived.


Time to pop that popcorn.


Infographic via Jennings Motor Group Click Image to Enlarge.

10 greatest car movies ever made - The 10 Greatest Car Movies Ever Made


How many have you watched out of the entire list? Let us know in the comments below. Happy movie nights!


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