Not Just For The Girls: Master these Three Things to Up Your Style Game

Gone are the days when men are boxed into the stereotype of sloppy shirts and cargo pants. Now more than ever, men are more aware that they can express themselves through their personal style. Men are more open and involved when it comes to developing looks for themselves that can represent their personalities.

If you are among this new breed of aspiring gentlemen, I’m sure you are looking to up your game when it comes to fashion. Here are three key aspects of fashion that are often overlooked but can really make an impact on your look. No longer just for the ladies, mastering these three things can take you from regular Joe to style pro.

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Photo by The Lazy Artist Gallery from Pexels

Grooming and Skincare

Men’s style is now reflected by even something as basic as skincare and grooming. Men are now becoming more conscious about the way their skin and hair look, and like women, understand that it is one of the most crucial foundations of one’s look. From hair waxing to beard trimming,  from cuticle cutters to post-workout salves – it is evident that men are now taking care of themselves more than ever. According to Men’s Health, there are at least 7 Grooming Products You’re Not Too Manly to Use. We agree.


The amount of standard accessories a man should have in his closet has grown exponentially throughout the years. No longer just watches and caps, men have now started looking good in different varieties of accessories like scarves, murses, bracelets, hats, and many more. Exploring the wide array of accessories available for men can help you build your distinct style. Get to know this year’s must have accessories for men.

High Fashion

There are now a growing number of brands that cater to men, and the styles have become more and more daring and innovative. More men are now looking into finding influential brands to make their go-to for shopping.  There are many emerging menswear brands that offer function, style, and unique aesthetic. Keeping yourself up to date will ensure that you ae able to have a personal style that continuously evolves.

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