It’s no secret that beards seem to hold the key to being irresistible to the opposite sex. But, if executed badly, they can also have them running for the hills. So here are some top tips to make sure your beard game is strong enough to win over your date this Valentine’s Day.

Be patient

aa1 - Make sure your beard game is strong this Valentine’s Day

The best beards are a product of self-restraint. Your beard will be itchy for the first two weeks, but resist the urge to trim or style, and try to leave it untouched for at least the first month. This allows the hair to grow evenly and help you find a style that suits its length and thickness.

To help ease the itch, apply ample amounts of moisturiser like a beard oil – and try to avoid products containing alcohol as they actually dry out your skin.

Don’t let your beard just grow wild

ab - Make sure your beard game is strong this Valentine’s Day

Despite what Matthew McConaughey may have you believe, you can’t just let your beard grow wild and expect it to look good. Think of your beard as a child; it needs nurturing and boundaries to stop it becoming something terrible. The chances are you’re going to need a little sculpting here and there – a little the cheeks and some on the neck depending on the kind of look you’re going for. Just be careful that you don’t shave the cheeks down too deep at the risk of creating the look of jowls, or worse, veering into chin strap territory!

Give your beard some TLC

The hair on your face is different from the hair on your head, so you can’t give it the occasional wash with whatever shampoo you find lying on the side of your girlfriend’s shower and expect it to look good! A soft and tidy beard takes care and attention so ensure that you wash it regularly with a moisturising shampoo, and use beard oil to soften and tame wiry or stray hairs.

It’s also worth taking the time to comb your beard while you’re in the shower to exfoliate the skin beneath your facial hair and straighten your hairs to maintain a neat look.