It can seem that male fashion can be a little bit of a minefield. But it’s quite simple to piece an outfit together if you have the right essentials in a wardrobe. If you invest in a few key pieces and have the right basics, you won’t go wrong. I thought it would be a good idea to share with you some of the essentials that should be in every male wardrobe.

Decent underwear and socks

You have start with what you wear underneath the clothing. Perfect fitting boxer shorts or briefs to start with. You have to be comfortable in the clothes you’re wearing so this is where it starts. You also need to have socks that are perfect for what you are doing. Sports socks for the gym or sports activities, and black smart socks for work.

Basic tops

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By this, we mean basic t-shirts and long sleeved tops. You can pick and choose the colours you want, but it’s recommended to have a few to choose from. This is where you will be able to mix and match the most.

A gilet and jacket

A basic T-shirt either long or short sleeved will work perfectly well with a gilet. If you need to smarten your outfit up you could wear the t-shirts with a smart jacket. This means that you have two options. A casual and smart approach.


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It’s ideal not just to have work shirts in your wardrobe. Perhaps a smarter shirt for evenings out so you don’t feel like you are in your work attire would be a recommendation. You could invest in a different brand, perhaps go for a different style you would normally. Make sure you have a good collection of suitable work shirts as well. Sometimes the collars on shirts can feel a little tight, especially if you are wearing them everyday. So it’s worth getting some collar extenders to help out with that.

A good pair of jeans

There is a lot to be said for how good a well-fitted pair of jeans can look. This can be casually teamed with a T-shirt and gilet or smartened up with a shirt and jacket. A perfect of jeans will boost your confidence.

Some loungewear

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We all like some clothes to laze around our home in. Avoid doing that in the clothes you like to wear out. This will help for when you are putting your clothes together for a weekend or work. Loungewear could be anything from tracksuits to pajama bottoms and a T-shirt. Whatever you feel comfortable in is what you should have in your draws.

A suit and decent workwear

A decent fitting suit can do wonders for your confidence in the workplace. Power dressing can make a difference to you performance and the way you feel. It’s advisable to invest in a suit that fits well and is good quality.

A decent pair of trainers

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It’s always a good idea to have a decent pair of trainers in your wardrobe. This is for when you want to be causal. Trainers can be great for all kinds of occasions.

Smart shoes

However, trainers can’t be worn to work or out for special occasions so always have a great pair of smart shoes for those occasions.

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