Living Space Design Tips For Men

Interior decoration isn’t one of my natural talents. Over the years, I’ve developed an eye for art and design, and I’ve even gained a more sophisticated sense of fashion. But for the longest time, my apartment was a disorganized mess. That doesn’t leave a good impression on visitors.

I’ve been trying to rectify this failing of mine, and I believe I’ve been getting somewhere. Let me share with you a few things I’ve learned from my journey into living space design.

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Image by chien than from Pixabay

Establish an aesthetic centerpiece. As men, we must admit that we tend to treat the television as the most important furnishing. I absolutely understand this inclination. But I challenge you to counter your intuition and find a less attention-grabbing spot to place the flatscreen. Hang up artworks—a collection of prints, photos, or whatever best expresses your style—on a prominent space on the wall. It’s a good way to communicate your tastes and personality.

Tie the room together. You’re surely familiar with the gag in The Big Lebowski about how The Dude’s rug really tied the room together. That’s an excellent objective, but you don’t necessarily need a rug to do that. You can tie the room together with décor and furnishings that match each other well. Make sure that colors don’t clash.

Stick to a theme. You don’t want the room’s aesthetic to be all over the place. Decide what you’re going for, and don’t stray too far from it. If you want a modernist design, don’t put in Oriental rugs or country-style woodwork.


Invest in good lighting. A dark and murky living room can be depressing to inhabit. Install enough lighting fixtures so the space will be bright and cheery. You can use dimmers when you want the lighting to be more romantic. See what the lighting store has to offer—strategically placed lamps, spotlights, and recessed lights can give the room more elegance.

Keep it maintenance friendly. Remember that someone’s gonna have to clean the room every once in a while. You don’t want to have too many things to dust. Keep in mind the logistics of changing bulbs or repairing appliances.