As beards grow in popularity, you might be finding yourself contemplating growing one. The only problem is, not everyone is blessed with fruitful hair follicles.

The appeal of a beard is undeniable. It gives you a debonair look but at the same time can make you appear rugged, a winning look for any aspiring gentleman.  However, growing a beard is harder than you think. It requires commitment. It  will test your patience. It can drive you to the edge.

The honest truth is that growing a beard can be either easy and effortless or largely frustrating, depending on genetics. If you come from a family with lustrous and thriving facial hair, you most likely have the natural talent to grow a beard. If not, you will have a hard and trying time if you do grow a beard at all. If you are really going for the bearded look but isn’t from a family that naturally has it, there are options for you to take to make it happen. One is the option of a beard transplant, which has been getting much more attention and acceptance in the recent years.


BeardTransplant Infographic MEDIGO - Is a Beard Transplant for You?