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Raw Travel In Sweet Home Alabama

Alabama is raw, and as much as I dislike describing a place as authentic, it is true of Alabama. The regional drawl, unpretentious dining, laid-back...

Security Options For The Gadget Loving Guy

Our homes these days are fast becoming very digital. With flat screen televisions that connect to the internet, to video calling and coffee that...

5 Most Common Problems With Security Systems And How To Fix Them

Everybody is concerned about the security of their property, and that’s no surprise given the fact that homes exist to provide safety for family...

Tasteful Home Decor For Single Guys

Being a single guy in these enlightened times has plenty of advantages because the way society has changed means there are more opportunities for...

7 Home Appliances That Can Change Your Lifestyle

Busy life, tight schedule, exhaustion and the worst is to return to a total mess - requiring manual labor to be a place livable....

Upgrade Your Home To Match Your Technology

Home security and climate control are something that the majority of people can’t live without in today’s world. Thanks to the advances in IoT and...