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How to Vape Like a Pro: A Guide to Advanced Techniques

How to Vape Like a Pro: A Guide to Advanced Techniques
Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay

Vaping is so much more than just an alternative to smoking cigarettes. It’s grown into its own subculture and is something that people all over the world have heaps of fun with, experimenting with different tricks and flavors and sharing their experiences online. If you’re keen on taking things to the next level, then here’s our guide on techniques to hone if you want to vape like a pro.

Try out cloud chasing.

One of the most popular tricks that people do with vapes is cloud chasing. You’ll probably have seen videos of people doing it online – blowing out massive clouds and then creating all sorts of patterns with the vapor before it disappears.

To get big clouds, it’s best to use a box mod vape from a store such as Elux 3500 Disposable. With those devices, you can change the temperature and wattage and get specialized coils that allow you to make absolutely massive clouds. 

Mix your own flavors.

Another thing you can have lots of fun with is mixing your own e-liquid flavors. You can buy VG/PG bases, a wide range of concentrated flavors, and little bottles of nicotine. Look up some online recipes and techniques for mixing, and you can come up with whacky, wonderful flavors that have never been tried out before.

Temperature and wattage control

The two things that will provide you with the most variation and control when playing with advanced vaping techniques are temperature and wattage control. Make sure that your device supports this kind of adjustability, and then play around with the settings. Start with low temperatures, and work your way up until you’ve got the perfect mixture of taste and cloud size to do the tricks you want to do.


If you really want to take things to the next level, then you can give dripping a go. This is an advanced technique that consists of dripping e-liquid directly onto the coils when they’re hot. This technique allows you to change flavors just like that and also enhances the intensity of the flavor in each hit.

General maintenance

What really marks the pros apart from the newbs is vape maintenance. While a lot of people are happy to just use a vape until it starts acting up and breaking, if you’ve optimized it so that it’s perfect for your requirements, then it makes sense to take some time to keep it in good condition.

Clean the coils and tank out on a regular basis to get rid of any old residue that could negatively affect the taste. Make sure that you replace old o-rings to avoid any leaks, and install new wicks before the old ones are totally worn out. 

Remember, if you really want to get into it, there are a wide range of resources available, from Reddit to Facebook. Get involved in the community, and check out the relevant forums to find out more about what might interest you. Vaping is still a pretty young hobby, and as a result, it’s growing and developing at a rapid pace. It’s important to stay up to date with the latest developments and keep on experimenting until you find what’s just right for you.

Featured Image by Lindsay Fox from Pixabay