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Pronouncing Scotch Names

Image by Pexels for Pixabay'a yüklendi
Pronouncing Scotch Names 300x211 - Pronouncing Scotch Names
Image by Pexels for Pixabay’a yüklendi

Some time ago Esquire Magazine posted a video guide to properly pronouncing the names of various scotches.  Because today I heard at least three different bottles mis-pronounced, it is worth linking back to the guide.  Of the more commonly mis-pronounced, listen in particular to Glenmorangie, An Cnoc, BenRiach, Bunnahabhain, Caol Ila, Knockando, Oban, Tomatin, and Tomintoul.

Firstly, here’s a sample:

And finally, the link to the full series:
Esquire’s Scotch Pronunciation Guide

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