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Glenfarclas 15

Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com
Photo provided by Luke of aspiringgentleman.com

If you are looking to explore sherry-finished scotch whisky, and you have done some research looking for value, typicite, and renown, you will very likely end up at a cashier with a bottle of Glenfarclas 15 in your hands. This bottle is a darling of beverage critics, most likely due to its purity of expression and complexity. This is a dram for cold winter nights next to the fire. It features, deep dark colour and texture from the sherry wood finish. This dram is also remembered by many for the savoury, earthy palate impression it leaves behind in your memory. Clearly there is some much older whisky being thrown in? Ironically, the older dated Glenfarclas 17, which we had at Sagebrush Golf Course a while back comes across more deft and subtle on the palate. I guess this is a good sign of the nature of variety from Glenfarclas.

The nose of Glenfarclas 15 is filled with citrus highlights, akin to orange flavoured chocolate, with hints of exotic spices, herbs and the smell in a forest on a hot afternoon. Just smelling this dram gives hints that the malt within will be full-flavoured.  The flavours are spirity and palate cleansing, but with a hint of sweet undertones that are really quite rich. The interplay of strength and spirit could be compared to a butterscotch and mint candy cane. The finish is strong and well balanced, and drinks perfectly to my palate at 46%, without water added. Glenfarclas 15 has a real personality. Whereas the 17 is more of a graceful ballet dancer, the 15 packs the punch and dance of a middleweight.

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