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Jim Beam proud to be… Canadian?

Image by deluxtrade from Pixabay

Jim Beam, owners of Canadian Club, are giving away Canadian flags with select bottles of CC on July 1st – Canada Day.  “We wanted to make sure that Canadians knew just how proud this 150-year-old brand is to be Canadian,” remarked Franco Timpano at Beam Global Canada.  “We should be proud of Canadian brands and this Canada Day Canadian Club is giving fans of the whisky yet another opportunity to get into the spirit.”

Founded in Walkerville, Ontario, Canadian Club marked its 150th anniversary in 2008 and continues to this day to be one of the most popular rye whiskies.  Offerings include CC Premimum (6 year), CC Reserve (10 year), CC Classic (12 year), as well as 100-proof and sherry-cask versions.

Featured Image by deluxtrade from Pixabay

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