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An Eggnog Cocktail

Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

I always know Christmas is approaching when I’m walking down the milk aisle and do a double take: Eggnog. Ok, so the truth is I ask the store manager when is the first day that the nog arrives and I try to be there that morning. Eggnog is just that delicious. Much of this love is from tasting some of the many everyday food items that can be enhanced by substituting milk for nog. Lattes, vanilla pudding/icing, green curry. The truth is not every substitution works (stay away from tomato soup), but I discovered a new recipe at a local bar that once again has me thinking of new ways to incorporate Eggnog Cocktail into everyday life.

You’ve probably had one kind of Eggnog cocktail in your life, and you were probably happy to never have another one. Rum and Eggnog has become a Christmas cliché that we don’t really need. There’s just too much other rich food being consumed over the holidays. Your dinner should not be diluting your beverage. Instead, get behind the bar and whip up one of these, inspired by the classic Paralyzer:

1 oz  Bourbon or Spiced Rum

1/2 oz Starbucks Liqueur or Kahlua

Top up glass with ice


Splash of Eggnog

This is a drink to pour for people who don’t even love Eggnog; it simply feels festive and tastes delicious. You can also have more than one without feeling sick and there’s a bit of caffeine in it that will keep you going through the proceeding long family dinner. If you have an Eggnog recipe of your own, whether it be from the bar or the kitchen, let us know.