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Padron 50th Anniversary Limited Edition And 1792 Single Barrel

Padron 50th Anniversary Limited Edition - Natural

Learning to drink whiskey is something every man should do at some point in his life.

And learning to smoke a cigar, is similarly something that every man should do.

Learning to do both then, must surely be the mark of an esteemed and accomplished gentleman! And it’s a good thing too, seeing as this is one of the most enjoyable combinations since Morecambe and Wise.

If you’re new to the world of whiskey and cigar pairings though, then you might be looking for a place to start – a winning combination that you can enjoy with a friend, or suggest to a colleague without looking like a complete idiot. An ideal pick then would be the 1792 Single Barrel bourbon whiskey, along with the Padron 50th Anniversary Limited Edition.

And if you’re a pro and you haven’t tried this combo yet? Then what are you waiting for?

In this article, we’ll look at the pairing in more depth and dig deep into why this is such a winning formula. At the same time though, we’ll also be looking at the whole notion of combining cigars and whiskey in a little more depth and providing some tips and inspiration for your culinary adventures.

But we’ll start with the pairing…

The Pairing

The Whiskey

To start with, let’s take a look at the whiskey. 1792 is a brand that was previously known as Ridgewood Reserve 1792. The date, of course, is taken from the date that Kentucky first became a state and this demonstrates the very close ties with the region – which of course is the official home of bourbon.

whsiky 1792

1792 is a bourbon whiskey brand. That means it is distilled in the US and it also means it needs to meet a few other criteria. For example, it means that the whiskey must be aged in brand new barrels. So once a barrel has been used once, it cannot be used again for making whiskey. Unlike Scotch (which is the older type of Whiskey from Scotland), additional flavorings and spices are often added to Bourbon, and it can also use a variety of different grains in the production. The result? More varied flavors and more interesting ways to match with your cigar of choice. We’ve always loved the notion of combining bourbon with whiskey most of all.

At the same time, 1792 is a company that is very well known for its quality and care. It has won numerous awards, which speak to its reputation and it adheres to all of the regulations regarding the production of bourbon. They also make an exciting variety of different whiskeys.

In this case, we’re taking the 1792 Single Barrel. This is a whisky that has been made from just one barrel (brand new) rather than a combination of thousands. When you make something like Jack Daniels or Jim Beane, this will be produced by taking the whiskey that has been distilled across many, many barrels and then combining them into a single bottle.


Because this way, the flavor will reflect the ‘average’ of all of those barrels. This provides a much more consistent experience, which is what the typical buyer will want when they are drinking liquor.

On the other hand, when you consume single barrel whiskey, this has been made from just one barrel. That means that it is a far ‘purer’ experience and you’re going to notice subtle individual differences from every single brew. That’s right: there will be subtle differences with every drinking experience. This is the kind of interesting quirk that makes enjoying whiskey such a pleasure for so many people around the world!

The Cigar

So that’s quite the whiskey we’re drinking: a bourbon from a highly qualified and distinguished company, made from just a single barrel – so that every single bottle is unique.

And to go with such a fine drink, you need an equally fine cigar. That’s why we’re happy to suggest the Padron 50th Anniversary Limited Edition. Firstly, this is a limited edition. That means it’s not going to be around forever and that instantly makes it all the more appealing. There’s something exciting to think that in time, no one else will be able to enjoy that same great smoke.

And like 1792, this is another very well regarded company in the industry. Padron is, in fact, one of the biggest names in cigars and this is a very well-deserved claim to fame. The company is – as the name would suggest – going through its 50th anniversary – and so it chose to celebrate in style.  The thought and detail that has gone into the humidor program is second to none.

This is a cigar that you can enjoy any time of day, and that is highly versatile. It smokes incredibly well, burning evenly from the top to bottom and coats your tongue and palette along the way with sweet, tangy notes. These include maple syrup to orange citrus, which are perfect for coaxing out some of that inherent sweetness in the liquor. It is, as many writers have suggested, an instant classic.

This is a cigar to be enjoyed slowly, but it will last long after you finish. The finish really lingers, and you’ll be able to enjoy it for a good while.

This is a full strength cigar, with a toro shape and a Nicaraguan wrapper. Perhaps the only drawback to this exquisite smoke is that it is certainly on the slightly more pricey side: it will set you back $75.

Why Learning Cigars and Whiskey is Crucial for Modern Gentleman

If you’re a fan of cigars or whiskey, then no doubt the description I just shared has you eager to try out this pairing. If not, then it may have left you a little dry.

What’s all the fuss about?

Well, on the one hand, enjoying whiskey and cigars together give you a fantastic excuse to stop and smell the roses (only in this case, the roses are smokey). It forces you to focus on your senses, which will be awash in a truly rich sea of sensations. The smoke fills your noise as the whiskey fills your mouth and warms your stomach: your senses come alive, and with time, you learn to really pick out the different flavors and aromas. In other words: you learn to appreciate the finer things.

And you learn that there is always a more exciting and unique experience to be chased just beyond reach

Perhaps this is why both cigars and whiskey have gained such an important place in the lives of modern men.

Let’s be honest: being a man today is hard. The definition of a man has changed countless times in recent years, and right now, there is no agreement on what it takes to be male anymore. Are men supposed to be metrosexuals? Modern city men who groom their hair and have skincare regimes? Are we meant to be lumberjacks, who chop down trees and sport bears? Or are we meant to be jocks, who love sports and are out of touch with our emotions?

Maybe we’re meant to be genuinely modern – to be in-touch with our emotions, open-minded, and more feminine?

Testosterone levels are dropping year on year, and the role of the man has in many ways been diminished. There are fewer physical jobs, fewer physical battles to be fought, and most predictions suggest that as automation takes more of our careers, it will be the low physical activity jobs that remain.

But there are still some marks of manliness that hold weight in the world. There are still some experiences that are quintessentially male – and that still have a place in today’s society.

Knowing whiskey and cigars is one of them. The high price, the adult-nature, and the cultural aspects all ensure that an appreciation of these pairings is something of a status symbol. But it’s also a way for us to ‘be men’ and to enjoy feeling a little rebellious at the same time.

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Perhaps none of this appeals to you. But now ask yourself what will happen when you’re being groomed for that important promotion in your career when your boss offers you a cigar and a drink. If you can accept and impress them with your choice, then your chances of success just went right up.

Likewise, offering new potential clients cigars is a fantastic way to get them on-side.

The same goes for a stag party.

Or how about a way to welcome a new member of the family? Or congratulate a friend on their promotion?

This is a whole culture and a language that it pays to understand. It’s so much more than just a great taste and a great experience. So, I highly recommend you take the time to explore and appreciate this combination, and I recommend you start with this fantastic pairing.

Of course, there are many more great cigars and whiskeys to discover out there… may this be the start of a long journey!