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The Gran Habano Cigar by Guillermo and George Rico

Gran Habano cigar

In 2003, Gran Habano was successfully introduced by the father and son team, Guillermo and George Rico. These handmade cigars have since then become a family tradition and have become some of the best Cigars out in the market.

The Gran Habano offers a wide array of cigars that have taken years to perfect to make. The mentality of the Gran Habano cigar-makers is that it takes a generation to perfect the creation of a smooth tasting cigar.

And we know this to be true thanks to the myriad of cigar flavor that the Gran Habano offers. If you are a lover of cigars and are interested in the flavors that the Gran Habano offer then continued read on as we will outline some of the most popular Gran Habano cigars.

Chocolate Flavored

The Gran Habano offer quite an array of cigars that have a hint of chocolate taste to them. A majority of the cigars they offer have some amount f chocolate to them which makes this brands of cigar sweet.

Spicy Flavored

As mentioned the Gran Habano offers a diverse array of flavors, and for those who may not necessarily be into sweet tasting cigars, the Gran Habano cigars also offer spicy tasting cigars for those who enjoy more of a spicy tropical flavor.

The Different Flavors

Imperial Sampler

A mild-medium cigar that anyone can enjoy!

Corojo No. 5 Maduro

Perhaps on of Gran Habano most robust tasting flavors. Will surely place your tastebuds on another worldly trip.

Gran Reserva

Offering smokers an incredible blend of spicy and sweet. Hits you first with the spicy hot flavor then cools you down with the sweet taste.

Connecticut No. 1

This flavor is chocked loaded with flavor that will confuse you of what the tase is. If you like mystery candy, you will most definitely love this cigar.

Habano No. 3

A beautiful blend of Nicaraguan and Mexican tobacco to form and create a wholly new tasting experience.

The Gran Habano

The Gran Habano offers their cigar lovers numerous cigars. What has made this cigar brand so successful comes down to the sheer quality for each of their cigars?

These Latin-flavored cigars have been perfected over a long stint, and it is more than noticeable that the family has truly crafted and hired their skills. It took generations for the Gran Habano to create flavors that would tantalize the overall taste buds.

As a result, this particular brand of cigars has become a staple in the Latin and Caribbean community as well as certain parts of the United States.

Something Different

Latin American and Caribbean Cigars have long been viewed as some of the best-tasting cigars to come across. Cuban cigars themselves have quite the reputation. But the Gran Habano has been showing to be quite cigars brands to come across.

The company provided some of these for review purposes only. All opinions are our own.