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Why Cigar Fans are Switching to E-Cigars

Whether as an occasional pleasure or a regular thing, smoking a cigar is something that many people enjoy.  The quality of the products is vastly superior to those of normal cigarettes and the range of flavors is also much wider.  But as the growing awareness of the dangers of smoking reaches many cigar fans, they began looking for an alternative – and found it with the e-cigar.

What is an e-cigar?

The concept of e-cigarettes is a widely known one, also called vaping, and people have been using these artificial cigarettes to help them reduce or even stop smoking the real tobacco product.  The potential health benefits for these smokers have been well documented and some health authorities are even using them as a viable way to help people stop smoking.

With cigar smoking, the number of cigars is usually lower than with cigarettes but there are still associated health risks.  That’s why companies have created products such as the CUVANA E-CIGAR with the aim of allowing people to still indulge their cigar enjoyment but without concern for their long term health.

Vapor cigars work in the same way that vapor cigarettes do – they look like a cigar and create the smoke when you puff on them as a real cigar would. You can even get e-cigars that have the authentic Cuban flavor.

How they work

Vapor cigars work in the same way that vapor cigarettes do – they look like a cigar and create the smoke when you puff on them as a real cigar would.  But they use LED ash rather than real fire and there is none of the associated smell with the e-cigar.  It allows the smoker to have the sensation of smoking a cigar without the unpleasant smells, the burning or the potential health risks.

Because these devices don’t create second hand smoke, a heavy smell or messy ashes everywhere, then they are also permitted in many more places than a traditional cigar.  This means if you meet friends in the bar, go somewhere to relax after a business meeting or simply want to sit outside somewhere and smoke, there will be none of the stigma attached to a real cigar.

Cost effective option

Often, smoking a cigar isn’t something done with money as a consideration but if you do something wince at the price of a good cigar, then an e-cigar can help offset this because they are reusable and therefore much more cost effective.  The LED flame creates the glow so there is no destructive fire and the cigar isn’t actually burning so it is there, ready to go when you want to use it again.

You can even get e-cigars that have the authentic Cuban flavor with different sizes and nicotine contents as well as having a two year plus shelf life even once they have been used for the first time.