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A must-watch cigar movie

Cuba's Finest
Image byskeeze for Pixabay
Cubas Finest 300x233 - A must-watch cigar movie
Image byskeeze for Pixabay

I recently had the opportunity to watch James Suckling’s “Cigars: The Heart and Soul of Cuba,” a new documentary about the cigar industry in Cuba.  The film starts in Havana, with Suckling enjoying a cigar on a patio overlooking the city, contemplating the value of Cuban cigars.  From there, Suckling travels throughout Cuba, visiting farms in the famous Pinar del Rio province of Cuba and making a special stop at the Robaina farm.  Throughout, he covers not only the Cuban lifestyle, but also the detailed process in which cigars are made, from seed through fermentation.  From there, the film progresses to the sorting houses and rolling factories, where the film-maker obtained wonderful video of the process of turning the tobacco leaf into a finished cigar.

Combining a detailed look at the process in which Cuban cigars are made as well as the unique personalities and culture that is the Cuban people, this documentary is a must-watch for cigar enthusiasts and connoisseurs.  Available to buy or rent from Amazon, it’s definitely worth an hour of your time.



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